The Science of Storytelling/The Storytelling of Science - Brian Knutson

Featured from Stanford University

From the mediaX seminar "Science Storytelling & the Paradox of Suspense": Storytelling is one of the most effective tools leaders can use. Professor of psychology Brian Knutson uses his storytelling strategies to discuss how advances in neuroimaging now allow researchers to visualize brain activity more deeply and with faster resolution. Expert science storytelling is essential to promote public support for research funding for science. Knutson, an expert in the neuropsychology of desire and suspense, Scott Z. Burns, an Academy Award-winning producer and screenwriter, and Davis Masten, co-chairman of the Presidents' Circle of The National Academy of Sciences, all spoke at the mediaX seminar "Science Storytelling & the Paradox of Suspense" to disclose their secret strategies for powerful science storytelling.



Stanford University




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