Thinking: The Advertising Process

We as marketers and advertisers do not wonder to notice a certain matter and then deliver a critique, and go through the thinking methodology (Scientific Methodology) that humans usually use to come with strategies, due to the process of production that shapes the way we deliver our products. At first we are set to meet our client and hence we are set to come face to face with a problematic rather than to notice a certain subject or matter. The subject we come to meet is presented in a form of a question that our potential client is looking forward to answer taking advantage of our knowledge and experience. Therefore we start thinking in a reversed order starting with setting a certain target, that acts as an answer to the clients problematic, then proceed to set a strategy bound by a certain timeframe with a date of delivery. Within this strategy we are required first to collect the related data and then move on to further analysis and interpretation of the collected data so we can come up with a theorem and then an experimental model (In so many cases we will find it hard to set an applicable experimental model due to subjective perception acquired by our client or the public or even us as researchers. Hence the solution for such cases is to use measurable data only from Quantitative Analysis). After we are done collecting data, an advertiser or marketer is bound to create a model for the presumed theory were he/she can collect insights from. The whole idea from this segment is that a marketer is a strategic thinker that builds a model and come up with solutions for a specific problem and does not wonder or study cases with no set target so he/she can finally come up with a strategy for the good of human kind.





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