Who are we?

Proms Agency is a creative house located in Chouf (Shouf) District, Mountain Lebanon Governorate of Lebanon. Equipped with the latest technologies and a hardworking and committed team, Proms is ready to help you launch or boost your business, create its brand and brand identity, create your contemporary responsive website, and design and promote your products alongside with their packaging and according to insightful and applicable strategies based on real figures and solid scientific analysis for all types of media; whether digital, above the line or below the line.

Our approach revolves around five main core values which are Knowledge, Persistence, Creativity, Practicality and Transparency. Where each core value acts as a building block to the methodology we implement in creating marketing solutions.

Knowledge helps us create advanced and detailed researches and analysis while persistence helps us stay on track when it comes to timelines and business milestones, and creativity lead our way accompanied with practicality so we can deliver applicable yet amusing solutions to our clients and partners, while transparency, on the other hand helps keeping our clients aware of our procedures, applications and implementations, securing a win-win scenario.


Our beehive consists mainly of three departments that are structured as follows:

-          Digital Media Department which delivers services related to online presence and digital marketing. Such services include:

o   Responsive Web Solutions

o   Social media management

o   Content creation and Management

o   Viral Content

o   Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

o   Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

o   Digital Campaigns on search engines and social media platforms including Google, YouTube, Email Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing and Yahoo.

o   Android Applications

o   iOS Applications

o   Windows Applications (C based Applications and Software, WPF, WinForms, Java)

o   System Automation

o   Augmented Reality Advertising and  Holographic Advertising


-          Print and Publishing Media Department which delivers services related to branding, brand activation and information design. Such services include:

o   Logo design

o   Corporate identity and Stationary design

o   Outdoor and Indoor branding

o   Books, booklets, handouts and pamphlets design

o   Stand design

o   Posters and printed advertisements design

o   Vehicles branding

o   Offset printing

o   Digital printing

o   Stencil Advertising

o   Calligraffiti and  graffiti advertising


-          Public relations and Media Management Department providing services related to brand communication, event concepts, and advertising strategies, such services include:

o   Event Concepts

o   Brand Activation Concept

o   Advertising Planning

o   Media Management

o   Campaign concepts

o   Creative Copywriting

o   TV ads Concepts

o   Radio Ads Concepts



What are we looking forward to achieve?

PROMS aims at founding a successful environment, healthy for businesses to operate. Our goal is to create ways and tools for various business functions that aim at increasing investors’ capability of expanding their market share.

We deliver results-oriented brand marketing programs and public relations campaigns that enhance our clients’ awareness, improve their sales and foster their success and growth.


What do we believe in?

-          Partnership: Our clients are our strategic partners and developing a strategic long-term relationship based on trust and achievable promises will result in a win-win relationship.

-          Passion: We are extremely passionate about the industries and clients we serve and our clients’ marketing and communications needs.

-          Creativity: We head hunt talents who deliver superior client creative services and industry-leading marketing and communications capability.

-          Technology: PROMS aggressively leverage technology internally to provide streamlined process and highly dependable solutions.

-          Opportunity: Being a research and development oriented agency positions us as an opportunity finder to our clients which leads them to reach their targets efficiently and effectively.


How do we reach solutions?

As we are strong believers in technology, we are strong believers of science that created this technology, and what most counts is believing in its method and approach. That is why we always start with solid data. We at PROMS believe that marketing resembles architecture in its approach since marketing also aims at creating a creative functional solutions based on metrics and starting from a solid ground. After we collect and analyze data we move forward to set a target and create a model, what follows is testing this module’s durability where we propose several scenarios and cases that the model have to overcome, and after we retrieve the results that determine the success of our model we proceed to production and delivery.



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