Creative Blogging

We all have views on various subjects and events, while the information we get to receive on a daily basis keeps on amending and shaping our worldview constantly; a worldview that for some reason we urge to express. With the presence of free media with almost no constraints, each and everyone of us has the chance to express their thoughts and ideas for everyone to read, view and become influenced; and that is where businesses should step into the scene. People are already committed to brands and they are always on the lookout for professional and expert advice that trusted business can provide. That is why blogs of the free media come in handy.

Several brands have been using blogging techniques to convey various types of messages, those which include tips on using their products, where to find their products, the benefits of their products and their unique selling propositions (USP). On the other hand, several brands have chosen another path in which they communicate their thoughts and feeling through blogging to support good causes and address social issues that interest the public, resulting in a closer relationship with their targeted audience and better communication through the feedback they get to receive on their blogs by allowing the public to freely comment on their articles and discuss them. Blogging has also become an essential tool for celebrities that do not find microblogging sites sufficient or reliable especially if these celebrities act as influencers and put their effort into raising awareness for a certain issue or cause.

Focusing on blogging by certain businesses have kept other businesses seem as if they did not catch up with the new trends of the digital media, as a result some brands were kept out of the digital race for they did not publish any articles or did not create any blogs. However, other business have tried to publish articles on their blogs but did not make it because their blogs did not seem to be relevant or interesting to their targeted audience. In such an instance, it is important to mention that creativity plays a major role in determining whether a certain blog makes its way to the public through media or not, and creativity here does not mean in any sense “good literature” but rather what subjects to blog about and how to address them, for example, it is simply irrelevant to address caccination in a blog that is targeting people who show interest in speed and racing; and same goes for addressing business people, who barely have time to read, with prolonged articles and a lot of literary devices to convey a simple thought.

As a conclusion businesses are in need for blogs to best communicate with their targeted audience, but still the factor of creativity regarding what they blog about and how do they address a certain subject through articles is what matters the most.


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