Creative Viral Content Segments

Have you ever shared some laughs with some friends over some post on social media platform that was virally shared? We have all been there. Every day, millions of posts get shared onsocial media platforms, videos of amazing stunts pulled by talented humans, kids with amazing voices, cats making biscuits, dogs howling on TV sets, conspiracty theories and SJW postings about governments and big corporations, and of course the NSFW videos. If you did not get any of the categories above, it is alright, because this kind of categories only exists on social media platforms and meme aggregators. (If you do not know what a meme is then googling it is going to be such a good idea.) This is called viral content, and this type of content can be both, improvisational or totally planned. Famous internet celebrities are specialized in creating such content for their social media channels, and to some extent, some youtubers even make a living out of viral content, especially after they succeeded at getting sponsorships to their content and started promoting items and services and selling ads or highly influence their followers consuming habits. This is where businesses found a new opportunity to promote their items in addition to video bumper and in-video ads where they created two strategies to penetrate the world of viral content and enhance their sales figures. These two strategies are as follows: Creating Viral Content: Through creating a team of creative copywriters, presenters or comedians, producers and community managers that are responsible for creating and sharing viral content for their social media channels. Sponsoring Viral Content Creators: Through supporting available viral content creators that already have their social media channels and their fan base in return for promoting their products or services, or influencing their fan base to consume certain products or request certain services according to a sponsorship contract including the two parties, the viral content creator(s) and the sponsoring business(es). This cooperation among hired viral content creators or internet celebrities and businesses have resulted in a huge consuming waves for various products and services that were featured on social media platforms via viral content.


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