Creative Filmed Ads

In a world of accelerating technologies, practical vehicles are shedding light on hidden talents in the users. A very simple example on what have been claimed is the everlasting love story between a person and his phone regarding all its indulged applications.

Our social media platforms are filled with photography accounts, food recipes, fashion and makeup blogs and variety of specialties. Why is it really simple to advertise ourselves or our interests even if it’s beyond our scope of interest? The answer has two sides.

First, advertising is a daily art we use to describe ourselves to create a specific image or impression in front our family, friends, coworkers etc. Moreover, media have played a crucial role in advertising and influencing people to promote their products in creative and easy ways which made all of us successful advertisers or “message transporters”.

Second, in a curriculum where visuals are most appealing to people; short filmed ads represent the perfect example of interesting advertisement. Furthermore, videoing a filmed ad is such an easy process to do; you just need to hold your phone, get a great opening shot, edit your short filmed ad and that is your license!



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