Creative Ads

There are many ads that manipulated the world, changed values and made us rethink what we believe in and this is the power of advertising. 

Advertising is usually used for two purposes, to tell you about a product or service, or to convince you to buy a certain product or service. In both cases creative advertising should present to you the product's or services's Unique Selling Position.

Most of creative ads became part of our culture, memories and language. 

Usually when advertisers discuss creative ads, they follow the 40-40-20 rule which is 40% Audience, 40%Offer and 20% Creativity. 

Here at Proms we have a different approach that is more objective-based and practical. The process starts with defining the message to be carried to the public, then identifying the segment where the message will be delivered and then aswering the following question: "What do you want the target audience to do after your message?" If the targeted segments react to the message the way they are expected to, then you made yourself a successful ad. 

To us what really determines the creativity of an ad is how much of the expected response did it acheive


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