Creative Events’ Concepts

Economics might seem hard to understand, but under the hood it is just a matter of a simple convergence among demand and supply, all you need is someone who wants to buy a certain item (a prospector) and another who produces this item and is willing to sell it in exchange for a certain value (a producer); and the more the prospector needs this item the more he/she is willing to pay to acquire it, while on the other hand the more units of this item the producer produces, the less each unit will cost him/her and hence the amount of value he/she is requesting for exchange will decline. But for this convergence to happen several requirements must be met, these requirements are as follows: Both parties should meet at a certain place, a market The prospector should have the knowledge that a product that can satisfy his/her need exists The producer of such item should have a brand or a clear sign that he/she is the producer of this product or sells it While other requirements exist, but they are totally dependent on the need of the prospector and the size of the business producing the items or services. The requirements listed above can all exist within a single medium created by a third party who is willing to help both, the prospector to satisfy his needs, and the producer to sell his items or services, that third party is the market creator, but since we live in a world with an open market ruled by the bounds of macroeconomics, companies can now deliver their items to their targeted audience across the globe with the help of sales agents, franchise investors and official shops; but still the cost of convenience the prospectors pay to acquire certain items is high especially when those prospectos have not decided on what item they should buy with all these similar products with almost the same features and prices due to competition. That is why market creators have altered their profession and became event organizers. Event organizers in our days approach the whole market conceptually, they research the needs of the public within a given demographic area and create a functionally oriented event where the producers of the commodities or services that satisfy those needs get the chance to meet with their target audience, discuss their products or services and even sell them. This is our core understanding of events management at Proms, we start with a need, and how to satisfy it, after that we move forward and look for producers or suppliers that sell or deliver the items or services that satisfy that need.


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