Creative Copy-Write

The most important feature of advertising and public announcements is for sure the message a certain entity willing to convey through the various mediums of media available. However, creativity might be a game changing factor, when it comes to visual representation of a certain brand. The look and feel of the product, as well, play a huge role in determining the direction of sales' graph; but still the message that is represented by the product itself and the way its unique selling proposition is delivered are what stick to the minds of the targeted audience.  What is also important is the way you deliver and explain this message through text, i.e. the way you describe the concept or the design approach of that product; the text that we call “copywriting”.

Copywriting is an art on its own, and is as well a world that has its rules and aspects that hold it together. In the previous ages literature was the indicator of how advanced society was, and part of it is being taught at schools and educational institutions nowadays. Why? Because our key to understanding the intellectual level and how much advanced was a certain society is through the ideas expressed in its literature. Also, the latter gave us a lot of clues on how were those societies structured and what tools did they use, how did they communicate and in what forms were they organized; and as much as literature tells us about societies, so does copywriting when it comes to products, or so it should be. And this is the bottom line to our take on creative copywriting: it is what matters the most when it comes to selling a product. What you say and how to say it, considering to whom you are saying it, is what really sells the product. There is no advertising without copywriting, and that is simple logic, but does any copy sell?

Statistically, most of humans think that a successful copy is a persuasive one, they type of text that is created especially to convince others, but we as marketing professionals know that this is not the truth. The best copy to sell the product is not bound to a form or a tone or a structure, but rather it is the text that answers all the question before even being asked, it is the copy that tells you everything you need to know about why you should get this product, for sure creative feature would make it more attractive or memorable, but first it should deliver the product unique selling preposition and why you should get this product. And that is what counts in copywriting, it is not an irritating attempt at convincing people to buy what they might not need but rather telling people why they need it.


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